Many of our patients require reconstructive surgery on an emergency basis. This is particularly true of those who sustain a traumatic injury, whether that’s facial trauma, a severe burn, or something else altogether.

At SuperGroup, PLLC, we understand that you need clinical intervention as expediently as possible. For this reason, we are pleased to offer our services on a rapid response basis. Our reconstructive surgeons are on call at hospitals and medical centers. We welcome you to contact us whenever you need prompt, professional intervention for serious pathology.

Our Emergency Reconstruction Services

With permissions at hospitals throughout the area, plus a proven track record for excellence in plastic and reconstructive surgery, our practice is pleased to provide the responsive care that our patients require.

Specifically, the surgeons at SuperGroup, PLLC offer emergency reconstruction services in the following areas:

  • Traumatic hand injuries
  • Traumatic facial injuries
  • Reconstruction for open fractures on the lower extremities
  • Burns
  • Hardware exposure infections
  • Wound complications and other types of infection

To learn more about the emergency interventions offered by SuperGroup, PLLC, we welcome you to contact our offices.

Our Doctors

SuperGroup, PLLC boasts a team of world-class reconstructive surgeons with a reputation for solving hard cases and tackling complex pathologies. Patients choose SuperGroup, PLLC because we are a fully independent and self-sufficient practice, able to address patient needs at a fast pace while ensuring high standards of care. We are pleased to offer emergency reconstruction procedures for patients in need.

Our Amazing Results

At SuperGroup, PLLC, our mission is always to help restore our patients to full functionality, mobility, and aesthetics. We are proud of our results and invite you to contact us in order to learn more.

Get Emergency Care from SuperGroup, PLLC

Patients who sustain traumatic injuries, burns, or infections have little time to waste. They need expert and expedient care, and SuperGroup, PLLC is committed to delivering it.

Contact our offices to find out more about emergency reconstruction options.