When you suffer from an extreme injury, a surprise medical complication, or a complex diagnosis, it can often leave you feeling unsure and uneasy. At SuperGroup, PLLC, we have your back. Our plastic surgeons specialize not only in advanced reconstructive procedures, but also in problem-solving. Simply put, we are the doctors people call when they have an especially challenging case and need leaders in the field to restore them to full functionality.

With offices in Fort Worth, TX, Denton, TX, and Plano, TX, our surgeons can address any reconstructive need, resolving underlying pathologies and offering full rehabilitation. We invite you to learn more about our areas of expertise.

Pilonidal Disease

At SuperGroup, PLLC, we treat many patients who are afflicted by pilonidal cysts, abnormal pockets of tissue that tend to form at the top of the buttocks.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic condition that involves recurrent swollen, red, painful abscesses, most often due to hair follicle occlusion. These abscesses can occur in many places throughout the body, and they often result in bleeding, discharge of pus, or even foul odors. For extreme cases, surgery is the only real treatment option. SuperGroup is well-known for the treatment of this condition, and we are pleased to offer expedient, responsive, and attentive care to our patients.

Post Cancer

Not only does cancer have a ravaging effect on the body, but the treatment of cancer can be harrowing in and of itself.

Post-Surgical Complications

Life-saving surgeries can sometimes result in unintended complications.

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries can be sustained through car accidents, sports accidents, or accidents in the workplace.

Scar Revisions

Significant scarring may result from medical treatment, traumatic injury, or long-standing ailments.

Skin Grafts

Through the skin grafting process, a surgeon can take skin from one part of the body and transplant it to another part of the body, using it to conceal wounds or replace lost tissue. Skin grafting can be one of the most effective ways to contend with major burns or other injuries.